Here are a few examples of satisfied customers who experienced programs in our former Adventure Center. 

We would be happy to provide you a list of our recent clients 

and their contact information.

"I could weep at the thought of what you did for our children at this workshop. If only they were treated with the same love, respect and belief in their abilities everywhere else in their lives. I wish I had something more constructive to say but it was just perfect. It IS a GOD thing, my friend. It is for me, it is for Justin, and you’ll see that it is with every group we bring. I have decided to use the 6 workshops for just three of my after school programs this year because I want to bring each group back twice to get the full benefit and opportunity to try all the challenges. God bless you. You are doing His work so clearly and may you all be blessed many times over for this."

Love and Peace,

Jessie Keating, Director of Imagine Syracuse 

We had a great time with you guys. Thanks so much for your leadership & the experience we had at The Adventure Center. I don't think I can pinpoint one thing I liked most.  I thought the whole experience was positive.  From the "fun" icebreaker games at the beginning, to your awareness of safety & even willingness to challenge individuals. You and the other facilitators were great.  Incredible people skills.  I thought it was a great fit! Feedback from the kids: overall they liked it.  Some of them didn't like the heights part of it, but that seemed to be it!  And they knew it was a "high ropes course" going into it!

Dave Coy – Associate Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Cortland, NY  

To demonstrate how beneficial these experiences are to the children and how much they have learned from Mr. Tom, let me tell you what the children did a couple of days after playing games that required cooperation at The Adventure Center. 

They had finished their schoolwork and I gave them permission to play in the gross motor area.  As I observed them playing, I was blown away.  Together, they all decided to put on a puppet show.  As a team they proceeded to put all of the chairs in an orderly fashion.  Then they figured out who would be the puppets and who would be the audience. The amazing thing is that this was all done with absolutely no arguing.  Now remember, these children are only three and four years old.  I was overwhelmed with pride and praised them again and again.  That’s what I call progress!  Thanks, Tom.  Keep up the good work.

Judy Wight, LCC Preschool director/teacher 

It is my pleasure as the youth minister at Most Holy Rosary Church in Syracuse to comment on the awesome team, leadership training provided at The Adventure Center.  As a youth minister of 20 years I am very much aware of the need to build community and leadership skills within a safe and God centered environment.  In looking for opportunities for our 11th & 12th grade leadership team I inquired about The Adventure Center.  I was very excited to find out that not only do they provide interactive team building activities and a ropes course at a reasonable cost but the staff is grounded in a desire to share God’s love and life with others. We participated in various personal as well as group challenges climaxing with scaling “the wall” together.  Staff interaction was very professional and positive in processing the experiences.  It was exactly what I was looking for to bring “our team” together and to talk about what leading is from a Christian perspective.  It was tremendous as a leader to have someone else effectively process with the teens and connect their faith to what they live and aspire to. I look forward to bringing other teens to the center for an opportunity to not just “play games” but to “experience” a “team adventure” where God is a part of the picture.

God Bless,

Rhonda Spoelstra, Youth Minister, Most Holy Rosary Church

Thank you for the time that you spent with me and my team a few weeks ago. It was a refreshing and rewarding time for us. Your facilitation and guidance to us as we completed the tasks that you had arranged was great. Your words of inspiration and insight brought the activities home and ultimately the team closer together. It can be difficult while in the daily routine of job duties to be able to build relationships with one another. The Adventure Center opened the door and allowed us an opportunity to step away from the day to day. My team has often spoken fondly of the experience and has asked when we are going to return. We came in a team that was unsure and unaware of each others strengths, having recently merged. The activities that you planned also allowed us to build trust in one another. It was a tremendous opportunity and a great program. We look forward to coming again.

God Bless You,

Brian Coleman, Team Leader of Residential Services, Rescue Mission Alliance of Syracuse

I am a person who wears many hats. I am a mother of four, urban public school teacher, Girl Scout leader, coach, ropes course facilitator, and religious education teacher. I know the importance of communication, trust, teamwork, commitment and working positively with others.  I have been bringing my daughters' Girl Scout Troops to The Adventure Center for three years now.  I want not only my daughters but also the young girls I work with to learn how to work with others in an effective and positive way.  I want them to learn to trust in themselves as well as those they are working with.  The Adventure Center offers activities that teach these valuable life skills but at the same time offers humor and friendship at no extra cost.  My troops are confident, and assertive, but at the same time

knowledgeable of the trust and communication skills required to accomplish difficult tasks. I will continue to expose my girls to teambuilding activities at The Adventure Center, which will only make them, better people for the future. 

Annie Smith, Leader of Girl Scout Troop 920 & 524 

Annie Smith and I had both Girl Scout troops up at my cottage this weekend and the buzz with all of them was that their day at The Adventure Center was THE BEST EVER!

 Elizabeth Lehman, Girl Scout Troop Leader and Onondaga County Sheriff Deputy