Our Mission

The Adventure Leadership Foundation creates opportunities for communities in Central New York to benefit from adventure-based experiential learning.

Our Values 

Experiential Learning:  We believe that people learn best from hands-on opportunities that safely challenge them to step beyond personal comfort zones.

Community: We believe that an effective community is comprised of people who trust each other, have common goals and a shared committment to achieving those goals. 

Innovation: We believe in constant growth and professional development to meet the changing needs of our clients and keep up with current trends in the field. 

Challenge by Choice: We believe in letting our clients choose their own level of challenge to safely step beyond their comfort zones in order to experience profound growth and achievement.

Our Vision

The Adventure Learning Foundation serves as a resource to the people and organizations of Central New York for quality adventure learning. 

This includes:

  • Indoor adventure learning facilities
  • Outdoor adventure learning facilities
  • Fostering professional development in the facilitation and application of adventure learning in our community. 
  • A place where people can receive training, coaching, and nurturing of essential life skills including:
    • Communication
    • Goal Setting and achievement
    • Problem Solving
    • Team Building
    • Self confidence
    • Collaboration
    • Leadership
    • Self Efficacy
  • Serving groups with special needs such as at-risk youth, veterans, and people with with physical and emotional challenges.