Self Actualization

Article by Dr. Rich Handley

On the Emotion Intelligence competency of Self-Actualization

“Self-Actualization is the “silver bullet” of EQ-i Subscales in terms of boosting performance as it impacts several other areas, most notably Self-Regard, Happiness, and Optimism.  People that have a strong sense of vision, purpose and direction in their lives feel better about themselves, and are more confident, optimistic, and happy. Thus, it is key for people to feel a sense of vision, purpose and direction in their lives.  Vision fuels drive, which unlocks potential.  Perhaps the challenge of our time is wasted human potential.  Potential is what I am truly capable of doing, but Performance is what I am willing to do on any given day.  The cure is to align Performance with Potential so that we live and work at a level more commensurate with our true potential.  The key is to not just live, but live with impact.  Most people live too small, far beneath their true capabilities, having no real or lasting impact on the world around them, because they have no vision.  An old saying is that people perish for lack of vision. How do we get vision?  Begin by asking the big questions: Why am I here on the face of the earth?  What difference have I made?  What is my true potential? How much of that have I lived up to? What’s holding me back?  Finally, how much of your accomplishments and performance in life can be explained by you?  If your talents, strengths, and your abilities can explain what you have accomplished, this is proof you are living too small. You have to learn to be small to play big.  Many people that play big, cannot be explained by their talents and abilities…because it just doesn’t add up.  In other words, they are not that smart, not that talented, etc., but yet they seem to play bigger than themselves.  They know they are small (not talented, not smart etc.) The key is that they have tapped into a source of power bigger than themselves that helps them elevate their game.  This is vision, which fuels a relentless drive, which unlocks true potential.  Spirituality is key.  Many “small” people play big because they have a power bigger than themselves empowering them, and they learned to be small (not living in the power of their strength).  They ultimately seek to live their lives to glorify God (not themselves), thus God empowers them to “play big” for His glory (They play much bigger than themselves…bigger than their talents and abilities would suggest they could).  They learned the secret to a truly meaningful life, not defined by worldly trappings of success…to live to glorify their creator, which in turn impacts others, which in turn lives past them.  This is truly what it means to live with impact!”