Yvonne Law - Treasurer

Y climbing

My name is Yvonne Law and I joined Tom and his fantastic team of Adventure nuts in search of a fun hobby.  I was first introduced to the concept of a ropes course during Residential Assistant training in College. It was here that I learned just how valuable experience on a ropes course could be for a struggling group being forced to work together.  After my first year of training I was hooked, and my friends and I started an Outing Club where we facilitated our peers interested in adventure among other outdoor activities. 

When I moved back to Syracuse, I was hoping to find something positive and active to add to my repertoire of activities.  To my surprise, it has become something that I am truly passionate about doing.  It has been an amazing journey so far-- meeting such amazing and inspiring people along the way.  I only hope that I can make this a life time of ADVENTURE!